Speed Dating – 1 Feb 2015

The Speed Dating co-hosted by CupofTea.me and Chinese Community Gateway (“CCG”) on the 1st of February 2015, was a huge success. Unlike others, the tickets were sold out two weeks prior for this event. All 23 pairs registered came promptly and had a lovely evening getting to each other.

For those that missed out: the event kicked off was kicked off by the hosts from CupofTea.me and CCG with a brief introduction to warm the atmosphere whilst everyone was understandably nervous (or shy… or both). They introduced the strict “rules” of the night… Actually, the rules were: the Speed Dating had two halves with a short break in-between for attendees to have some nibbles. During the event and like most conventional speed-dating events, every participant had 5 minutes to talk to his/her date and 20 seconds to take notes before moving on to the next. The gentlemen rotated around the table while ladies stay seated (we were pleasantly surprised that most obliged to the “rules”, although some were rather clingy on certain targets, *wink* *wink*).

After the speed-dating session, more singles came and joined the electrifying second half – Singles’ Mingle. The attendees interacted freely and blissfully until 10:30pm. There were noticeable “couples” met out during the night stayed a bit longer until the bar closed. Thank you for coming and we have already received some generous and positive feedback from the attendees. Those that missed out, you snooze you lose!

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